Instagram Reels Mistakes You need to Avoid in 2022

Posting reels but not getting enough views, not going your reels viral?

Wondering what mistakes, you’re making?

Well, here are top 6 mistakes that people generally make with Instagram Reels and you must avoid these Reels mistakes.

Instagram Reels Mistakes:

1) Your Reels are Too Slow & Long:

If people get bored with your reel, then will just scroll and move to another one.

So, make sure your reels are fast-paced.

2) You Reels have too much Text:

If you feel your reels with too much text then also people get bored. You can use caption if you have lot to describe.

3) You’re Not using Hook in Your Reel:

You’re already losing it if you’re not using an interesting hook.

Use an interesting hook in first 3 sec and it will keep people attached with your reel.

4) You Reel doesn’t Provide Value:

Your reel should be much more than just a short video. It should entertain people as well as educate them.

5) Posting it in wrong size:

Reels should be in the resolution of 1080×1920 size. Also, make sure your text (if you use any) fits into 1080×1350 areas.

6) Posting Reels with Watermark:

Having those watermarks on the video makes the content inauthentic and not native to the platform.

Make sure to remove the watermark of any software or TikTok before you post on Instagram.

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